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Michael Moschel's discovery of Tetrahedron Biomechanics led to the development of the Moschel Method®, which recognizes that muscles are attached to bones, and therefore approaches the body from a skeletal-muscular perspective. This way of treating the body shows how biomechanics, adaptation patterns and dysfunction affect each other.

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The Moschel Method® is a new approach to the resolution of pain, injury and postural problems while simultaneously strengthening the body. It efficiently and effectively treats the skeletal-muscular system by embracing human anatomy and physics.

The Moschel Method was developed over a period of years and thousands of hours of clinical treatment. In the process of treating clients, Michael came to recognize the limitations of both traditional and non-traditional therapeutic approaches and was determined to find a more comprehensive and effective way to relieve the pain, injuries and postural problems of his clients. His search led him to develop the Moschel Method, which approaches the body from a skeletal-muscular perspective.

The Moschel Method® utilizes tetrahedron biomechanics to understand how improper biomechanics exacerbates dysfunction in the body. When dysfunction exists it creates an environment that leads to pain, injury or postural problems. Dysfunction may be felt in the actual area that is damaged or misaligned, but frequently the pain may be experienced elsewhere in the interconnected part of the damaged system.

For example: If a client's right shoulder is rotated, the left shoulder will have a tendency to elevate, thus adapting to the dysfunction until the right shoulder is manipulated back in place. "Pain is there to help us, not hurt us. Inflammation is there to protect us."

The Dysfunction Manifesto

The Dysfunction Manifesto by Michael Moschel.
This short book provides the reader with a general understanding of the concepts and benefits of the Moschel Method®.



Michael Moschel, Founder and CEO of Symmetry Central, is a recognized International Weightlifting Association certified trainer, a massage therapist since 2001 with a vast experience in the treatment of pain, postural problems and muscular imbalances, and a fitness trainer since 1996. He is the author of "The Dysfunction Manifesto" (M/U/S/T Publishing, 2013), which can be read here.

The Moschel Method is based on the concept of Tetrahedron Biomechanics, which is the systemic biomechanical interaction of the skeletal-muscular system. This methodology was incorporated into the development and manufacturing of Symmetry Central's patented exercise machines.

Throughout his career, Michael encountered the limitations of the traditional techniques that massage therapists follow. This led him on a quest to help rectify muscular dysfunction, resulting in the development of the scientifically sound and professionally endorsed Moshel Method.

Michael's training experience includes:
  • Neuromuscular therapy
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Reflexotherapy
  • Remedial Massage
  • Introduction to Pilates
  • Introduction to Yoga
  • Anatomy trains
  • Myofascial continuities training
  • Manual therapy seminars of Colorado Cranial Mobilization
  • Manual therapy seminars of Colorado Muscle Energy Technique of the Lumbar – Pelvis – Sacrum
  • Fundamentals of Ortho – Bionomy – The Extremities
  • Ortho – Bionomy – Exploration of movement patterns
  • Fundamentals of Ortho – Bionomy – The Spine
  • The stretching process
  • The complete neck series
  • Advanced certification in myofascial manipulation & structural balancing
  • Encompassing information & methods from advanced Neuromuscular therapy
  • Myofascial realignment
  • Basic meridial therapy
  • Articular – Segmental release & range of motion
  • Facilitation stretches
  • O-Bar spinework
  • Pelvic Balancing
  • Connective tissue manipulation & structural balancing


  • David Z. Prince

    Director, Cardiac Rehabilitation and Recovery Program Assistant Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine, New York, NY

    "As a physician who specializes in rehabilitation, I see patients with all types of pain and disability. I am familiar with numerous therapeutic approaches that address weakness, tight muscles, and poor posture, which contribute to most causes of pain in the body. As a physician who prescribes exercise for cardiac patients, I understand the important role that efficient exercise plays in human health at all ages. Michael Moschel, CEO of Symmetry Central, is the most accomplished therapist I have ever known. Through his profound understanding of human movement, he has developed the first truly unique approach to physical dysfunction I have ever discovered and the only one I would personally endorse. He has developed treatments that directly address the physical ails of our sedentary and desk-based lifestyles. His synthesis of physiology, kinesiology, psychology, and physics is legitimately unparalleled. In developing Symmetry Central, Michael Moschel has helped take exercise and rehabilitation to the next level".

  • Tyler Winklevoss

    Olympic Rower, 6th place, Beijing Olympics,2008; Co-Founder of Winklevoss Capital; Co-founded CONNECTU, precursor to Facebook

    "I have always been fascinated by excellence. This fascination has permeated every sphere of my life, causing me to pursue it and surrounding myself with those who embody it. Today, as an investor, my fate rests entirely on correctly identifying it. As a result, I have gotten pretty good at knowing it when I see it. After 15 years of athletics, my body was racked by overuse injuries, asymmetries and dysfunction. In a quest to rehabilitate my body, I found Michael Moschel, CEO of Symmetry Central. Immediately, I realized that his understanding and approach was unlike anything I had ever seen. This is usually the first sign of expertise. As I continued to work with Michael, I came to recognize that there are perhaps few people in the world who understand the human body as well as Michael does. Like a piano tuner knows a piano, Michael has an uncanny feel for the tune, pitch and mechanics of the human body. After a few months of therapy and working out with Symmetry Central's unique equipment, SKY PRESSCYCLE, I can verify that my body is much healthier and stronger. It is an honor for me to share my experience working with Michael and endorse him, because I believe he is one of those rare individuals who represent excellence".

  • Nahom Gershon, Ph.D

    (Washington, DC)

    "A few years ago, I experienced pain in my left knee area. A chiropractor treated it and it always felt better during the appointment, but then, it always came back. This was quite frustrating, to say the least. A friend recommended that I see Michael Moschel, CEO of Symmetry Central. As someone close to the health field (I am a former biology professor and scientist at the National Institutes of Health), Michael impressed me with his ability to diagnose what was wrong with me within the first few seconds -- my foot was rotated and there seemed to be an uneven distribution of soft tissue in the core area. This was based on Symmetry Central's unique methodology, which looks at the interdependencies of the human body, and on Michael's outstanding and rare diagnostic skills and intuition. After the "knee" problem was successfully treated, he focused on improving my posture and muscular balance using his therapeutic skills and Symmetry Central's SKY PRESSCYCLE. Michael Moschel continues to impress me with his knowledge of the human body, his outstanding creativity and his rare intuitive skills".

  • Claire Danes, Actor

    Long-time client

    "The work we have done together helps me to have a healthier lifestyle".


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